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Dear all,

as announced the following InfonovaSaaS environments are upgraded to the latest version this week:

  • eu01.sb.infonova.com / me01.sb.infonova.com on Tuesday, May 26 from 18:00 – 19:00 (CEST)
  • eu01.infonova.com / me01.infonova.com on Wednesday, May 27 from 20:00 – 21:00 (CEST)

The following features and defect fixes are delivered as part of this upgrade:

IPD-21467FeatureMove system configuration and authorization to administration application
System configuration and authentication resources are currently situated in the core application and are used from other applications, e.g. cr or search. These in turn are used from core, which may produce call loops that block the server.
As part of this feature system configuration and authorization resources were moved to administration app and their results are cached when called from other apps.
rectifies SAAS-2407
Defect FixSearch by delivery address does not work
Searching in the UI or the Search API does not find anything when searching by a property of a delivery address (or a searchable parameter). This is now rectified.
rectifies SAAS-2109
Defect FixAs authenticated user you can request addresses from all tenants in the system
As authenticated user you were able to request addresses from all tenants in the system. This is now prohibited and just addresses for the tenant you are logged in are returned.

IPD-20879Defect FixRating fails when billcycle of yearly billed customer is changed
When the bill cycle of a yearly billed customer is changed, there is no rating period status found for that customer and no more usages can be rated. This is now rectified
IPD-21094       Defect FixAccount can not be closed after manual write-off via write-off API
When all invoices of a customer are written off via the writeOff API (/billing/v1/customerBills/{id}/writeOff), a close account call fails with the message, that the account has a non-zero balance.
The write off of individual invoices via API now changes not only the writeOffBalance of the single invoice but also the writeOfBalance of the account. The account can be closed now, as the whole outstanding balance was written off.
IPD-21143Defect FixUpdating a billing account via API (PATCH/PUT) triggers two billingAccountUpdated events
If you update any properties (e.g. bill receiver last name) of an existing billing account via API (PATCH or PUT), two billingAccountUpdated events are sent.
This is now rectified and only one event billingAccountUpdated is created.
IPD-21254Defect FixDisplay issue when creating Lookup option with Core or Group configurationLevel parameter
There is a display issue in response body when creating  a lookup option with Core or Group configurationLevel parameter. This is now rectified and the POST API call response body displays the correct configurationLevel value.
rectifies SAAS-2302
Defect FixSELECT characteristic’s readOnly flag gets reset to false after shopping cart update
A SELECT characteristic can be set to readOnly, but the value is not preserved when a business rule applies any change to it. This causes the readOnly flag and possibly others to revert to false.
An explicit setting of read only flag on each evaluation loop is required and is now described in the documentation.
IPD-21306Defect FixCreating a task to a completed order doesn’t work if order was moved to weekly partition
With the feature request IPD-18955 the possibility to create tasks for orders that are already closed (Completed, Failed, or Cancelled) was added. However, it only works as long as the order is in the 000000 partition. As soon as the order is moved into the weekly partition by the background DB job, task creation on this order doesn’t work anymore.
This is now rectified and tasks can be raised for orders, without the order being available in index or when already moved to weekly partition.
IPD-21310Defect FixResource order cannot be retrieved via API (404 Not Found)
If a resource provisioning order is retrieved via API before the index update for the provisioning order is executed, a HTTP status 404 not found is returned. This is fixed and resource and service provisioning orders can be retrieved without index update already executed.
IPD-21330Defect FixWhen retrieving the discounts of a customer bill the tax category, tax rate and tax exempt is missing for discounts of type “percentage”
This issue is now rectified and the properties taxRate, taxCategory and taxExempt are part of the response as for other discount types.
rectifies SAAS-2318
Defect FixBilling negative charges with a discount results in a Billing Error
When ordering an offer with negative recurring charges and a discount with source scope configured on the price of the charges, and then billing the customer, a BILL-FATAL error occurs. This is now fixed and it is possible to bill negative charges (=credits) in combination with discounts.
IPD-21356Defect FixMetric queries will be re-executed repeatedly, if result set is empty
This behavior is now fixed. Metric queries which do not produce a result are not executed again. A zero line is written instead.
rectified SAAS-2286
Defect FixCharge with flag isInstanceOverridable=false overridden by business rule is marked as invalid
Charges which are not overridable by operators can still be overridden by business rules. In the offer ordering wizard when such a charge is overridden by a business rule and then another offer feature is changed, a validation of the shopping cart is triggered which marks the overridden charge as invalid.
This is now fixed. No validation errors are displayed when the business rule overrides a charge with flag isInstanceOverridable = false.
rectifies SAAS-2287
Defect FixLabel on summary page of some customer is not consistent with label in contact details
Shown text on the summary page for the phone number is not consistent with the text used in the contact details. This is now corrected. Consistent labels for Phone are shown in the customer profile, order summary and change history.
IPD-21388Defect FixAPI Inconsistency of barring type product ordering vs. service inventory
Barring types are named inconsistent and also there is a typo in the service inventory API. The service barring documentation is now fixed and reflecting actual response. An additional “collection” property was added, to align service instance barring response with product ordering API barring types.
IPD-21394Defect FixRetrieval of invoices for a specific finalization process becomes slow with a higher volume of historical data
Retrieval of invoices for a specific finalization process is slow. To rectify this indexes were cretated in the database to increase response time when retrieving invoices for a specific finalization process.
rectifies SAAS-2390
Defect FixDuplicate labels on the prospect info widget
After loading a prospect customer, the information shown for that prospect customer via mouse over the “i” sign, contain the label “Created by” twice. Furthermore a blank seem to be missing between “:” and the shown values for date, channel and note. This is now rectified and the correct labels are shown.
rectifies SAAS-2385 (partly)
Defect FixCache not updated if service characteristic option is updated
The cache was not updated if service characteristic option is updated and the service characteristic description did not change. This is now fixed and the shopping cart shows the updated service characteristic description.
rectifies SAAS-2374
Defect FixDuplicate service characteristic keys are not validated
It is possible to upload a service specification containing the same characteristic twice and to create a retail/wholesale offer based on it. An error will occur when trying to order the retail offer/create a wholesale agreement. This is now rectified and only service configurations can be uploaded where the service characteristics keys are unique.
IPD-21434Defect FixActions button on Billing > Invoice Details page is raising a JS-error
The actions button where you can download the invoice on the Billing > Invoice Details page is currently not working. This is now fixed.
IPD-21455Impr.New metric queries for software usage
The aim of this improvement is to introduce new metric queries to provide details on software usage (services and resources). New metric queries with key NUM_ACTIVE_INSTANCES_SRV_RES_6_MONTH (all tenants) and NUM_ACTIVE_INSTANCES_SRV_RES_6_MONTH_ALL (Platform only) are available. Both metrics will be triggered on a monthly basis and have a retention period of 6 months.
rectifies SAAS-2427
Defect FixTwo templates of the same type and language will produce an error when trying to render pdf invoices
Two templates of the same type and language with one of them default will produce an error when trying to render pdf invoices. This is now rectified. Two templates with same type and language can now coexist.

Updated documentation can be found on portal.infonova.com – Documentation – SaaS Documentation.

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the InfonovaSaaS Team

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