Changing our software product name from ‘Infonova R6’ to ‘Infonova’

In this changing world, we’re changing too.

Over the last few months, you may have already heard the name BearingPoint//Beyond.

We are proud to officially launch BearingPoint//Beyond, a brand that holds digital business platforms at its core and offers three targeted solutions: Infonova Digital Business Platform, Infonova BSS and InfonovaGo. The name of our software product, Infonova R6, has been simplified and will now be referred to as ‘Infonova’.

BearingPoint//Beyond brings the best of two worlds linking methodology from BearingPoint’s digital strategy with the technology of our Infonova software to provide you with increased business value and relevance in the digital age.

We focus on digital platform solutions and driving business growth through the creation and adaption of digital ecosystems and multiparty business models. It ensures that our business remains relevant to you, our customer, and ultimately offers you high business value from our digital platform solutions backed by professional technological expertise and advice.

Our software name is being streamlined to ‘Infonova’, dropping the R6. Apart from the name and URL of this site, our Infonova software and this portal remains unchanged and can be used as it always has been.


If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us.

The BearingPoint//Beyond Team

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