Infonova R6 Portal Artefacts service upgraded

We would like to announce that we are moving the Infonova R6 Artefacts service from Nexus to one of the latest, much more stable versions of JFrog Artifactory.

The change makes it necessary to check and adapt your local artefact repository proxy configuration. Please use your Infonova R6 Portal credentials without the “” or “” suffix to instantiate an r6-archetype and the ui-customization-archetype.

For more details please see the “Configure Repositories” section in the “Setup Guide for Development”.

Also we’d like to state that in Infonova R6 v8 until version 8.0.5 the documentation was incorrect regarding the instantiation of the ui-customization-archetype. For version 8.0.6 this has been corrected and should also be applied for previous versions.

The important change is as follows:

R6 Portal Artifactory registry URL for repository npm-public has changed from:


In case of problems please contact the SI care team.

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