Infonova Version 8.2

The Infonova Product Development Team is happy to announce the release of

Infonova Version 8.2

including the following highlights:


Custom business rules are designed to extend beyond Infonova’s out-of-the-box mechanisms, allowing modelling business policies and parameters into offers and products without the need to change the code, and providing the following benefits:

  • Product managers can be more empowered and creative when designing offers as they can reliably model complex business goals into their offerings (without IT involvement)
  • Infonova’s customers can improve their competitive advantage with the ability to define better products that are more tailored to specific markets and situations
  • Integrators can address customer business needs faster and at a lower cost
  • Solution architects have more options to deliver a design that addresses their customer’s needs
  • Service/resource providers are able to define rules on their services which cannot be overridden by resellers, retailers.

Infonova now provides an easy way to define custom business rules in order to extend offer configuration possibilities. Here are some examples for scenarios that can now be implemented:

  • Enabling additional services within an offer if a certain service characteristic is set (e.g. video on demand service is available after bandwidths greater than 5Mbit).
  • Adding sub services based on the a number specified in a service characteristic (e.g. a mobile phone service with a number of substations).
  • Applying discounts when an offer is ordered in a certain channel.


Standardised Open APIs are a key enabler to seamlessly integrate into a landscape of existing IT systems and partner solutions. Standards-based APIs significantly reduce system integration costs and implementation time when delivering solutions involving several technology vendors.

For Infonova, particular emphasis lies on:

  • A strong decoupling of integration and extension from the core product
  • No customisation of the core product
  • Seamless updates & upgrades

For the list of new and extended APIs, see Infonova APIs.


The new UI customisation aggregation component of Infonova allows easy run-time changes of the user interface which reduces the turnaround time significantly. It eliminates the need to run a dedicated application to adapt or extend existing user interface pages of Infonova.

For managing user interface customisation, a new REST API as well as an administration interface were introduced. 

For detailed information about developing user interface customisation, refer to the ‘Infonova UI Customisation Guide’.

Please note that Infonova 8.2 is released in combination with the following independent artefacts:

Installer 3.9

Technology Framework 2.0

GDPR Tool 1.4

We wish you a happy Holiday Season and all the best for the New Year!

The Infonova Product Development Team

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