Infonova R6 GDPR Toolset Announcement

The Infonova R6 GDPR Toolset has been released and can be downloaded from the Infonova R6 portal.

A configuration for the toolset has already been provided for the Releases R6 8.0.6 and 8.0.7 and will be provided with all future 8.0.x releases.

The Infonova R6 GDPR Toolset supports all our clients to fulfill the following rights of data subjects as defined within GDPR:

  • Article 15 – Right of access by the data subject – tool “extractor”
  • Article 17 – Right to erasure (‘right to be forgotten’) – tool “pseudonymizer”
  • Article 20 – Right to data portability – tool “extractor”

The GDPR Toolset and its documentation can be downloaded as artefact from the Infonova R6 portal

Artefact Path: public/com/infonova/product/gdpr


For further questions please use or raise a question via the R6 Portal Communities.

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